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Since 1995 Flexiphone has been supporting business phone systems for small, medium, and large enterprises in the Salt Lake City UT area. We have partnered with over 2500 companies in the area providing stellar IT support focusing on voice and data but also CRM’s, desktop support, network support, security cameras and more. Our services also include an audit of your business phone systems and services at all your locations to review youre not overcharged and are receiving the fastest internet possible at the best rates. Reach out to speak with your local Salt Lake City Utah based Flexiphone for all your Business Phone system phone systems needs. 

Our Experience

FlexiPhone Business Phone Systems with our local headquarters have industry leading experience and expertise based in Salt Lake City Utah going all the way back to 1994, thats over a quarter of  a decade of assisting local companies boost productivity with thier business phone systems and other technologies in thier business systems. With local techs here in Salt Lake City UT we are certified to support and service a myriad of business phone systems such as NEC, Panasnic, Granstrem, 3cx, Avaya, AllWorx and more. The FlexiPhone Business phone system techs continue to take additional certification courses in order to stay up to date on cutting edge technlogy to be able to support our clietns in the Salt Lake City UT area. we are best equipped to handle all of your organizaitonss cabling needs reach out today speak with one of our IP Solutions Consultants for assistance. 


Based in Salt Lake City Utah we are a full service IT company with an emphasis on voice and data networks. In adddittion we handle desktop support, network support, Office 365 support, CRM, ERM, and many other services. We provide assistnace with existing business phone systems repairs, in addition to sourcing new systems and installing those sysetms. Reach out and speak with on of our IP Solutions Consultants to learn more.

Ask to lern more about our Call center, hotel, POS system, wifi, SD WAN and network security solutions. 

Today’s business phone systems are created to improve communication, significantly reduce your communication cost, and increase productivity.

Everyday we wake up with one goal and that is to deliver the best technology solutions to our end users. To find out about these solutions reach out today and discuss these services with our IP Solutons consultants. 


FexiPhone Business Phone Systems based locally here in Salt Lake City Utah are have years eperience indealing with physicians offices support services.  Our strong understanding of HIPPA compliancy puts us in the unique position to partner with local physicians offices providing the best solutions when it comes to IT support services. For questions about computer encryption, HIPPA compliant malware, firewall, email security, Business phone systems, and different EMR options please reach out an and speak with one of our IP Solutions consultants in Salt Lake City UT.  


Its imparitive for restaraunts to provide a top notch service to all their clients from the first contact which more ofthen than not can be via phone wether its calling in for reservations, directions or hours of operations your business phone system is a direct correlation to provide a good customer eperience for their clients. Why leave that first experience up to chance? Learn how parntering with FlexiVoIP could help improve productivity for your Salt Lake City UT restaraunt. 


When it comes to call center settings they are notorious for their fast paced, and rapidly changing enviornment and needing a Business Phone System that can keep up with those needs. For a partner that can support your existing business phone system or if your organizaiton is sourcing a new business phone system for your call center reach out to FlexiPhone and discuss with an IP Solutions Consultant based locally in Salt Lake City UT. 


Take advantage of the advances in communication that captures the attention of your guests, lowers your operating costs, and improves your customer service. Salt Lake City UT InnKeeperPlus runs anywhere, runs anything, provides a unique browser-based front desk console, and does it all without expensive equipment upgrades. Whether you own or manage a hotel, you know that service today means ensuring fast and effective guest interactions – so how do you increase your customer satisfaction and keep your guest coming back? It is all of the additional features that InnKeeperPlus offers – we have all of the integrated features needed to deliver exceptional customer service efficiently and without the large price tag.

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